Most Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Constipation

“Constipation” we all have heard about it, Right! And I am sure hearing this word is as painful as its effects on the body. Now the question is How this constipation happens. Ya… I know you will say drinking less water and poor eating habits, etc. etc. But besides that, it occurs due to the poor digestive system and irregular colon cleansing. Improper digestion makes the stool hard and difficult to push it out. This often causes abdominal pain, stomach bloating and later it can even convert to colon cancer. So, its high time to quit all these habits like poor eating, stress, drinking less water, smoking, alcohol consumption and so on.

And, here are some easy home remedies by “TinyQualityHomes” to get rid of constipation which is extremely effective and a must try. Have a look:


Irrational diet is the main cause of the poor digestive system. So it’s important to consume a healthy diet and practice exercise on a regular basis. There are some easy kitchen ingredients to improve digestive health which are affordable and free of side effects, They can be added to your daily meal to lead a fit and healthy life.